Sales and Customer Care

Provide end-customer document access for greater efficiency

This solution provides many ways to improve the end-customers’ business processes. You can use Joisto to build up My Pages solutions that greatly reduce the amount of incoming calls and give end-customers 24/7 self-service opportunities where ever they are. Similar solutions can be provided for access to salary documents, contracts, etc.

Customer volume reports

For sales teams, it’s often important to know how customer sales volumes have developed before a customer meeting. Through Joisto sales personnel can have access to their customer’s invoicing information. This provides new opportunities to improve sales and act very professionally towards an end-customer. And what’s best is that sales can do all this without needing any help from IT support or their finance department. Easy and fast.

Easy to use, easy to serve

Using Joisto is easy. Anyone can learn how to use the service within a few minutes. It’s fast and is proven to be a reliable solution in finding and accessing documents requested by end-customers.. This efficiency directly impacts and improves customer experience, which in turn increases customer loyalty for Joisto customers. Documents managed and archived with Joisto, look exactly as they do on paper or in electronic form, making it easy for Joisto users to communicate with end-customers by having the same view as an end-customer does. Customer specific offers and additional personal information is also archived as the end-customer receives them, further enabling Joisto customers to provide an exceptional service experience.

Note making possibility

When helping end-customer over the phone or by email, it’s sometimes useful to have the option to make notes to documents which have been discussed. This helps other customer service colleagues to get a full picture if an end-customer needs to call back for more help. It’s also important to highlight that any note added will be done so without destroying the lawfulness of the documents.

Instant emails

In today’s fast world it’s nice to know that archived documents can be sent directly from the Joisto system via email. This increases customer experience since it enables the customer service team to act immediately. It also streamlines internal customer service processes, improving efficiencies.


As a digital archiving solution, Joisto can easily scale up to hold millions and millions of documents without affecting the time it takes to find a document in the system. Customers can also scale up the number of Joisto users, seeing hundreds of customer service people simultaneously working within the system.


It. Just. Works. That’s our slogan and there is reason for it. More than 3 billion documents are archived in the system, with this number growing every hour. Our system is proven as reliable and usable by our customers since 1995 - It. Just. Works.

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