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Current release: Joisto 2.7.

Joisto 2.7 Release: Released 22 April 2022

The Joisto team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joisto version 2.7.0. This is a minor release for the 2.x series. The release introduces several new features and functionalities. For general information about what is new and noteworthy in the release go to

Release date April 22nd 2022

New Features

  • Recent Queries – The search interface presents the recent queries of the user.
  • GDPR’s Right to Restrict Processing – New document lifecycle management action help comply with Right to Restrict Processing requests.
  • Synchronous Upload Document API – A new and simplified API for uploading documents.
  • Export Users – The users can now be exported from the administration user interface into a CSV file.
  • Search Service reindex – Triggering search service reindex can be done in Joisto Config
  • Webhooks – Preview of a new webhooks integration.

Release Schedule

This is the first version release of the new annual release schedule. Instead of releasing twice a year, we are now releasing only once a year. This allows us to do more thorough testing and documenting for each release. It also extends the support for previous releases, so each release is supported for two years instead of just one year.

This change in the release schedule has allowed us to improve on the testing of the release. This is the first release that we have utilised an external testing team to go through all of the user interfaces and functionalities of the system.

New Documentation


We had a thorough review of the documentation during the release process. The reference documentation is now updated. In addition to the reference documentation, we had a big push for writing new white papers and they are now available at Joisto’s support site.

Joisto 2.6 Release: Released June 2021
Version 2.6.0 
Release date June 2021
Release 2.6.0 is a new minor release in the 2.x.y series. This release contains critical security fixes and it is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version.
What’s new
Rules can now be copied and pasted in the config application.
Document retention based on custom metadata.
Ad hoc execution of DLM rules.
Preview of high throughput synchronous document upload API
Document types are now sorted by the translated name in the GUI.
3rd party libraries have been upgraded to improve security and performance.
Best Regards
Joisto 2.5 Release: Released 31 Dec 2020
Version 2.5 – Cloud Release RELEASED ON 31 DEC 2020

The Joisto 2.5 release focuses on cloud deployment support. Joisto has been run in cloud for years and we have had unofficial support for Docker containers. This release refines these features and adds these platforms to the list of officially supported deployment platforms. As usual, this release also adds some minor improvements and features.


2.5 brings “ready to run” container images of the Joisto Platform. All of the Joisto web applications can be run in a container environment. The images are based on Docker Official Images of Tomcat with some added hardening provided by Joisto.


Kubernetes provides a system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes clusters may be run on any of the major cloud providers and optionally on-premises.

The 2.5 release introduces Kubernetes as a supported platform for deployment. In addition to having the basic benefits of the K8S platform, we support Kubernetes Secrets framework for managing all the critical credentials (DB, SMTP, etc). 2.5 also supports CPU and memory based autoscaling.

Cloud Storage

Two new cloud storage options are available in the 2.5. These options suit some use-cases perfectly. Please note, that these storage options are meant to store with “one file – one document” model.

  • AWS S3 – Amazon’s iconic S3 storage system is now available.
  • Azure Blob Storage – Microsoft’s offering is also supported.
The best of the rest

In addition to the bigger cloud features we have some smaller improvements:

BCrypt as the default password hashing algorithm

BCrypt algorithm is considered to be one of the best available password hashing algorithms. It is the default (and only) encryption algorithm in the 2.5. For upgrades, it requires some configuration (described in the release notes), but after that it works transparently.

Variable replacement in the configuration files

You can now replace variables in Joisto’s properties files. This can be used, for example, to replace passwords using environment variables.

Joisto 2.4 Release: Released 01 May 2019
Document Lifecycle Management (AKA Records Lifecycle Management or Information Lifecycle Management)

The implementation of DLM allows administrators to set up rules to manage document retention and optionally document metadata changes based on document’s age and/or existing metadata.

This feature is designed to help the administrators to plan and implement GDPR (and others) compliant solutions.

Joisto 2.3 Release: Released 16 October 2018


Encryption of Documents in ZIP-file system

For performance reasons this option will be available only in one document/file archives.

Document deletor

Allows document and/or metadata deletion by several different criteria.

Customizable password policy

Administrator can define what rules a new password must obey.

Joisto 2.0 Release: Released 3rd March 2016


Responsive Design

Responsive update that also means that all documents can be easily found across mobile and tablet devices.

Simplified User Interface

New interface has been simplified for the user and improved user routines allow faster access to documents for you or your customers.

API 2.0 Release: Released 16 February 2017


RESTful Web Services API for the system

Information available by web user interface is now available through the API.

Perform queries, retrieve documents and browse archives

The API supports JSON and XML data types.

Authentication update

API users may authenticate by using HTTP Basic Authentication and HTTP Digest Authentication. Form Login, SAML authentication and OAuth are supported.

Next Releases


2.8 - expected time April 2023

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