Multi Tenancy Digital Archive and EDM Solution

Optimise your business and streamline processes with digitally stored and managed documents that can be accessed instantaneously, from anywhere.

Joisto at a glance

Dynamic. Flexible. Robust

IMPROVE PROCESSES: Remove lengthy, manual and costly document storage and management processes

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Joisto supports all business communications, printed documents, emails, office documents, images, video and voice recordings, which can all be indexed and searched within the platform

SECURE & COMPLIANT: User tracking, versioning management, document management lifecycle, automated processes and timestamp functions


Security and Compliance


REGULATORY COMPLIANT: Document integrity, document authorisation and user validation, audit trails and role-based access control support in protecting your customers and your reputation

MONITOR ACCESS: Role-based access control and specific user management functions enable real-time tracking, alerts and reporting

LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT: Automations to recall and manage volumes of digitised documents based on dates and timestamp data, supportive of GDPR legislation

Security and Compliance

Product Features

at a glance

ORGANISE CONTENT: Scalable, powerful platform that automates, organises and indexes large volumes of documents and multi-media

MULTI-TENANCY: Serving small teams to multi-national corporates as your business shifts and develops

HELPFUL INTEGRATIONS: Integrate with existing business systems where applicable to further empower your teams and improve efficiency


Business Development


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Improve internal processes and consolidate customer documents for improved customer experience

STREAMLINED: Empower your teams to have more control and knowledge when speaking to customers to capitalise on up and cross sell opportunities

SELF-SERVICE: Your customers can have the ability to retrieve their uniquely indexed documents for self-service solution management

Electronic invoicing/EDPP

Secure payslips and
electronic statements

Archive opened to end-customers

My Pages

ERP-project bridge


Integration tools

Instant emails


Improved Margins

  • Printing
  • Profit
  • Data Preparation
  • Envelope + Postage
  • Enclosing
  • Paper

Printed Invoice vs.
Digitally Archived Invoice

This example clearly illustrates the margin benefits of a digitally archived system over a paper-based system. It is worth noting that this illustrative example does not factor in the added benefits and costs associated with the risks in capital, workforce and premises that choosing a digital archive system also mitigates.

  • Joisto Cost
  • Servers - Operation
  • Profit

Leading Technology

Joisto improves operational efficiency in business creating an enhanced customer experience.

Learn about how digital transformation through electronic and digital archiving can support your business in improving margins, efficiency and customer service KPIs. See how Joisto supports businesses in this short video. We walk through the benefits and show you how day-to-day operations are improved across multiple areas of the business.

Who benefits from JOISTO?

The simple, uncluttered interface provides users with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that resembles the look and feel of familiar tools and software. Audit trail, note-making and account management functions all assist in supporting user accountability and customer service.

Joisto provides a high margin service with all of our customers boasting positive return on investment. Clear, comprehensive reporting provides management with insightful, actionable data for team and customer satisfaction improvement.

Joisto supports you in providing an excellent customer experience and increases opportunities for sales to be made. How? The communications that customers have received are at your fingertips, with any notes from colleagues visible on your screen. Instantly you have a picture of your customer in order to effectively satisfy their query.

Reliable and able to integrate with existing systems, Joisto seamlessly fits into the current running of the business. Integration and training takes no longer than a week. The platform itself is built with the highest integrity and legal compliancy; the platform protects you, your operation and the business.

Joisto offers flexible pricing structures that fit your business and customer models, as well as the option to add your branding to the platform. Capable of managing large document volumes and high number of archives with instant access and fast retrieval, the platform is an intuitive, efficient addition to a business’s operation.

The platform can be branded to your desired look and feel to provide customers with a seamless customer experience. When merged with ERP systems Joisto can act as a bridge solution to deliver a high customer experience and brand image. The platform requires very little time commitment from your team, with self-service user administration features and a simple user interface resulting in few user queries.

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