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Our new team member solved the following challenge and now he will be part of our team.

There are five programmers in the same corridor. Each have a different laptop and they are from different countries.

Each programmer drinks different cola, likes different pizza and rock band.

No one likes the same band, drinks the same cola, likes different pizza and they all come from a different country.

The challenge is: “Who likes U2?”

The Facts:

  • The Englishman works with an Acer laptop.
  • The one from Poland listens Green Day.
  • The Finn drinks Olvi Cola
  • MacBook is in a room before the one where Dell is used.
  • The programmer who has MacBook drinks Afri-Cola.
  • The Calzone lower goes into ZZ Top concert whenever they have a gig somewhere near.
  • While Asus freak is coding a new game with his left hand he has a Four Seasons Pizza in the right one.
  • The programmer in the third room drinks Dr Pepper.
  • The Frenchman works in the first room.
  • While one programmer eats Pizza Bolognese he hears Uriah Heap played in one of his neighbouring rooms.
  • The programmer listening Lordi and the one eating Four Seasons Pizza are in neighbouring rooms.
  • One programmer thinks that there is nothing better than a slice of Pizza Frutti di Mare with a Coke.
  • The one from Sweden prefers Pizza Mafioso
  • The programmer next to Frenchman works with an HP.
  • The Bolognese fan and the Pepsi drinker are working in the neighbouring rooms.

Einstein wrote something similar about one hundred years ago. He claimed that 98% of the world’s population cannot solve this. Take the challenge: do You belong to the 2% 31173![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]