Software Releases

Current release: Joisto 2.4.

Highlights of version 2.4 released on 01 May 2019

Document Lifecycle Management (AKA Records Lifecycle Management or Information Lifecycle Management)

The implementation of DLM allows administrators to set up rules to manage document retention and optionally document metadata changes based on document’s age and/or existing metadata.

This feature is designed to help the administrators to plan and implement GDPR (and others) compliant solutions.

Highlights of version 2.3 released on 16 October 2018

Encryption of Documents in ZIP-file system

For performance reasons this option will be available only in one document/file archives.

Document deletor

Allows document and/or metadata deletion by several different criteria.

Customizable password policy

Administrator can define what rules a new password must obey.

Highlights of API 2.0 released on 16 February 2017

RESTful Web Services API for the system

Information available by web user interface is now available through the API.

Perform queries, retrieve documents and browse archives

The API supports JSON and XML data types.

Authentication update

API users may authenticate by using HTTP Basic Authentication and HTTP Digest Authentication. Form Login, SAML authentication and OAuth are supported.

Highlights of version 2.0 released on 3rd March 2016

Responsive Design

Responsive update that also means that all documents can be easily found across mobile and tablet devices.

Simplified User Interface

New interface has been simplified for the user and improved user routines allow faster access to documents for you or your customers.

Next Releases

Joisto Digital Archive version 2.5 will be ready for release by the end of 2020. This latest release focuses on Cloud functionality. It includes full Container support and ready to run Docker images. It will also provide Kubernetes (k8s) support including more advanced k8s features, such as k8s secrets storage and autoscaling. Cloud Compatibility covers automated service discovery in AWS and Azure. Support for AWS S3 as well as Azure Block Storage as a document storage backend. On top of these great steps forward we have delivered various performance improvements and optimisations.

If you require further software update details or to report a problem please send an email to [email protected].

When reporting a problem provide a description along with any error messages. Our team will contact you to help resolve the issue.