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Joisto is one of the most intuitive and robust document management systems in the market. Since 1995 our software has been extensively relied on in the utility, insurance and financial industries to securely manage customer files as well as provide the customer services teams with information at the click of a button.

Our difference has been our ability to provide pricing models based on how our customers do business, whether on a per-user basis or by number of transactions. This means that our solution is far more efficient and flexible in terms of cost and sees the platform scale as your business scales.

Improving customer service.

Where calls or communications from end-customers are taken, Joisto archives additional personal information and customer specific offers within the platform. Users, such as call centre staff, can create notes against specific documents discussed with end-customers to provide a full picture of the end-customer. Archived content can be sent via email directly from the platform to the end-user, streamlining internal customer service processes and providing the end-customer with the information they need immediately.

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