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Our technology makes your business look good.

Our secure, cloud-based document management system is an agile and highly scalable platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and applications. It’s built for collaborative environments with multiple users and multiple customers to work off of a single inter-connected platform.

Completely branded to suit your business, Joisto is built with you and your users in mind. Features included role-based permissions to protect the integrity of your system, simple text search to find the right documents, versioning management and self-service account management. An intuitive user-interface requires little to no training and reduces existing pressures on the IT department, integrating with existing applications and databases.

Digitising for the future.

How businesses digitise, in what has been termed ‘digital transformation,’ is going to determine how successful they are in the competitive market place. Many of our CCM clients have used Joisto to provide a new revenue stream and differentiation between their key competitors. Our platform supports your existing business model, whilst supporting in the development of possible additional revenue streams and growing the sentiment of loyalty, providing added value.

Joisto clients currently use the platform to mainly archive documents but as the way communications evolve, Joisto is able to handle all forms of content, from images to video.

How can we help you?

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