Case Ropo

Information Logistics Services and Electronic Invoices

The Company

 Ropo Capital is a Finnish company specializing in receivables lifecycle and financial services. Ropo is a technological forerunner in its field – its operations rest firmly on the benefits of digitalization and automation. Ropo employs some 140 finance professionals and in 2017, its turnover will exceed EUR 40 million. Ropo’s goal is to be the market leader in Finland by 2020.

Invoice delivery service

Ropo makes invoicing as easy as possible for its customers. Ropo’s mission is to manage the entire receivables lifecycle and to take it to a completely new level. Lifecycle services cover invoice delivery, receivables management, ledger and financing.

Ropo’s clientele varies from small businesses and major corporations. More than 8,000 Finnish companies already trust their services on a monthly basis.

Joisto in Ropo Capital

Ropo provides electronic archiving services to its customer companies utilizing Joisto system. Web browser application is used widely in their client's customer service and financial administration.

 Joisto and Other Electronic Services

Archiving service is used in a wide range of electronic services provided by Ropo. Centralized storage for documents provides a good opportunity to develop a broad range of new services. Joisto API allows opening of the customers’ archives through web services to their own end customers.

Electronic Payslip and Information Bulletin Service

With this service Ropo can offer its customers a solution for electrification of payslips and other documents. This service allows online browsing of the payslips for the client companies’ staff and provides as well a secure repository for the documents. As an example could be also mentioned the farmers who receive accounting data electronically instead of paper documents. The service does not compete with electronic billing, but it complements it by providing an opportunity for easy and flexible electronic transactions.

 Experiences of the Usage of Joisto

Ropo has used Joisto system for archiving service production since 1997. Back then the company was still operating under the name of Enfo Zender. Ropo united Trust Kapital Group companies and Enfo Zender via an acquisition in early 2017.

Co-operation with the Joisto's experts has always proceeded smoothly and well. The problems and suggestions for development have always been solved quickly.

Joisto system has been reliable and has not requested any large-scale maintenance work or supervision. It has been scaling excellently for each use case and Ropo Capital has been able to offer services to its customers with Joisto without hesitation. Electronic archive service is used by tens of Ropo Capital's customer organizations.