A tech company based in Kuopio Finland, specialising in invoicing services that are developed with their customers’ needs in mind. 

Started working with Joisto as a partner to be able to manage the entire receivables lifecycle (invoice delivery, receivables management, ledger and financing) for its customers and take it to a completely new level. 

Key Results

New service created that supports dozens of customers

Reduced cost

as they don’t need a product development team

A continuously improving white label product available to their customers



  1. Needed a multi tenant solution due to the amount of customers needing to manage their business critical data
  2. Needed to open electronic archiving services to its customers via a web browser application
  3. Wanted a white label solution so they could offer the service under their own brand


  1. Analyzed the needed solution kit
  2. Trained the trainers and main users including lead developers
  3. Continuous research and development and new releases – supporting Ropo’s growth

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