Comprising of the electricity distribution company Elenia Verkko Oy and the services company Elenia Oy, Elenia provides power to 100’s of municipalities in Finland in close cooperation with its network of local partners.
Came to Joisto to store and easily manage their business-critical information related to their customers.

Key Results

  • Streamlined processes

  • Reduced customer service queries

  • Improved transparency & trust

30 000+

end-users with access to invoicing and other usage data via secure extranet service

Reliable system that doesn’t need large-scale surveillance or maintenance.



  1. Overwhelming amount of data that needs to be managed
  2. Strict legal storage demands/obligations
  3. Siloed & unsecure CRM and invoicing system


  1. Set up Joisto platform as in-house/single-company solution
  2. Trained main users to cover internal support
  3. Helped to cross-connect their CRM, invoicing and open archive (for end-users) via a secure link

Joisto has proven to be an efficient and flexible

system in the use of Elenia. It works reliably without large-scale surveillance and maintenance activities. We have resolved all our archiving needs with Joisto in co-operation with their experts. – Jaakko Lehtomäki , Service Manager

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