How Fiat Financial Services Tackled Digital Transformation

Fiat Financial Services offer financial plans across their Fiat models for both personal and professional use. Eight years ago, a business objective to move towards digital transformation was set.

Here’s how Joisto played an integral role in this operating change;

The Brief & Solution

Digital transformation has become a term that has reached ‘mainstream’ language, although eight years ago Fiat Financial Services were set to action a plan that would see the company become a part of it before it was a modern phrase.

Partnering with Joisto, Fiat Financial Services initially integrated the Joisto platform into the business via its document composition tool. Following on from this, the next phase now sees Joisto fully-managing a digital repository of all financial documents. This repository is accessed securely by each Fiat and Chrysler UK dealership. Users have the ability to authorise and sign off documentation electronically for all car deals with docu-sign capability.

Experiences of the Usage of Joisto

After a successful partnership, Fiat and Chrysler are now continuing to push out this solution to all car related documents including service history.

As of 2019 there are 98 dealers in the UK access the platform with more than 400 active users.


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