Elenia Opened its Archives to the Customers

Elenia is Finlands electrical energy distributor, operating in 100 districts across the country, bringing power to more than 417,000 customers.

Joisto has a long-standing relationship with the utility company, first doing business together in the year 2000.

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The Brief & Solution

Elenia are a core service to keeping many people’s lives running and with that comes the documentation and communication required for customers. Almost 4 million invoices, contracts and other documents are archived every year by Elenia. The company wanted to find a solution to integrate archived documents with existing processes, such as CRM and invoicing systems.

A key benefit to Joisto are the integration possibilities, which supported Elenia in streamlining their processes, reducing customer queries to their customer service team and improving transparency and trust between the customer and the company.

The digital archive was integrated with the company’s customer database and billing system via an intranet using Joisto. This enables the customer service to access Joisto daily to recall archived documents and communications.

Elenia provided an added value for its customers by securely providing customer’s archived documents via a secure internet link. 16,500 customers are registered for this service, with this number growing weekly.

Elenia’s Extranet Service Elenia Aina is integrated to the archive through secure internet link. There are over 16,500 customers registered in this service, the amount increasing all the time. These customers have extranet connection where they can browse their own invoices and contracts.

“Joisto has proven to be an efficient and flexible system in the use of Elenia. It works reliably without large-scale surveillance and maintenance activities. We have resolved all our archiving needs with Joisto in co-operation with their experts.”


About Elenia

Elenia Group comprises the electricity distribution company Elenia Oy (parent company), Elenia Lämpö Oy (its wholly-owned heating company), Elenia Palvelut Oy (services company) and Elenia Finance Oyj (finance company). Elenia operates services in close cooperation with its network of local partners, seeing the company provide power to of 100 municipalities in Finland.

Leading the field in smart electricity networks

In a society that increasingly relies on information technology power cuts cannot be tolerated. The storms and sustained heavy snowfalls of recent years in Finland have challenged the reliability of power distribution systems, underlining the urgency for ongoing work to modernise an ageing power grid. As a forerunner in smart electricity networks, Elenia have integrated power distribution and data systems into a comprehensive smart electricity distribution grid that provides and applies information in real time.

More about Elenia can be found on their website.

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