Crowdfunding platform successfully raises €3 million through platform in 2 years


The Brief & Solution

Finish crowdfunding platform, Suomen Rahamarkkinakeskus Oy wanted to focus on their business model but at the same time needed a secure, reliable IT platform to handle its clients and investors.

They found that there is a lack of secondary market crowdfunding solutions available to suit their requirements with high security and integrity. The company found that the investment and time needed to build a fit-for-purpose platform would take away from building the business itself.

Joisto is a multi-tenant SaaS system, which can be delivered for use in capital investments and crowdfunding applications. A customised environment is created for Rahamarkkinakeskus, with its team and user base accessing its branded user interface. Sophisticated user roles permit access to varying levels of information as well as the ability to make investments once a user has authenticated their identity.

The Joisto platform as a crowdfunding application provides the ability for individual investors to make investments via online banking payments or asset managers may manage payments via invoice. Once an investment round completes successfully funds are automatically transferred from the escrow account to the customer company and investor information is entered in the book-entry system.

Since the platform was deployed for Rahamarkkinakeskus in 2017, over 3 million Euros was raised in investment by early 2019.

“We are thrilled with the platform. It has enabled us to scale our business efficiently, focus on our customer companies and look after our investors. We have saved many hours in working with Joisto. It has become an essential core to our business.”

About Suomen Rahamarkkinakeskus Oy

There are about 180,000 companies in Finland, of which about 90 percent employ less than ten people. These small business are the key to the countries growth. Many are growth-oriented companies whose stories deserve to be heard.

The mission of Suomen Rahamarkkinakeskus Oy is to inject money into Finnish bank accounts. We provide a platform that combines ordinary, growth-oriented Finnish companies and investors with the goal of generating accelerated growth and new jobs – providing positive opportunities for everyone.

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