A new era in invoicing has begun

A new era in invoicing has begun, is Ropo’s promise and brand statement. Ropo is a tech company specialising in invoicing services that are developed with their customers’ needs in mind.

Ropo and Joisto have a long standing relationship with the businesses first connecting long before they operated under their current names.

ROPO Capital

The Brief & Solution

Ropo’s mission is to manage the entire receivables lifecycle for its customers and take it to a completely new level. The lifecycle services cover invoice delivery, receivables management, ledger and financing.

Ropo needs a partner to be able to provide many effective and efficient solutions if it is to deliver against its mission. Through the Joisto platform, Ropo is able to provide electronic archiving services to its customers via a web browser application. Being able to centrally store documents provides Ropo with the opportunity to develop a broad range of services. The Joisto API can be integrated in many, many different ways and for Ropo, they have opened up customer’ archives through web services to enable them to offer access to their own end customers.

Ropo also uses Joisto for e-payslips and information update service, which supports its customers in their own digital transformation. Customers can browse payslips for its staff online and provides a highly secure repository for the documents.

Experiences of the Usage of Joisto

Ropo has used the Joisto platform for archiving service production since 1997. Back then the company was operating under its legacy names.

“Working with the Joisto team has always a smooth process and together we have worked well. Joisto is reliable and does not request large-scale maintenance work or supervision. It has been scaling excellently for each use case and Ropo Capital has been able to offer services to its customers with Joisto without hesitation.”


Joisto has been proud to see the electronic archiving service used by tens of thousands of Ropo’s customers.

About Ropo.

When a company receives payment for the goods or service it has provided, that not only keeps the company but also the whole of society running.

Our mission is to manage corporate invoicing as a whole. Our competitors are specialised in single aspects of the process, such as payment monitoring. We take care of everything.

Due to expanding our service range to invoice delivery we are able to automate the entire invoice lifecycle. We are even stronger and more stable, but still as agile as before. Our clientele includes both small businesses and major corporations.

We are changing the entire industry and starting a new era in invoicing. We are the first to introduce agile business models for our customers. They contribute to minimising manual processes, accelerate cash flow and improve customer experience.

Our solutions are based on people-driven services, skilled personnel and effectively digitised processes. With our help, businesses and society can also remain strong and vital in the future.

To read more about Ropo, visit their website here.

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