Partnership/OEM Model

Why do it yourself when we’ve done it all for you?

Joisto is a powerful, secure and reliable data storage engine that can be white labelled and integrated within your own solution software offering, whether that’s ERP, CRM or customer communication management platforms.

A flexible, partner-friendly model that supports the stage of your business.

We’ve been in the industry for a long time but that’s not the case for all the partners and developers who utilise the Joisto platform. As a result, we’ve spent time understanding the best model and structure to support our partners and their customers growth. We have flexible business model alternatives available to suit your needs and where your business is at, including scalable pricing structures.

Joisto provides all partners with;

  • Engine delivery
  • Continued Research and Development with at least two product releases a year
  • Technical 2nd and 3rd support
  • Full training programme for main users
  • Branding service (as needed)

All Joisto partners own their customers.

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