Joisto is a document delivery platform with a digital archive. Joisto contains modern user interfaces for easy digital archiving and a robust document storage engine.

Joisto in a nutshell


Joisto's architecture allows customers to scale the system from small in-house installation to huge clustered installations. Multi-tenancy and horizontal scaling form a basis of fast and scalable installations.

Joisto allows secure and flexible document storage with meta data. It can be used as a fully featured storage engine for custom solutions using our Restful API. Alternatively, ‘out of the box’, Joisto provides user interfaces that can be customized to each end customers' needs.

Our unique combination of modern technologies provide a solid foundation for the API for efficient set up and installation and our fully featured yet simple to use user interface is customisable to each individual customer’s needs..

Typical Joisto installations for our customers start small with couple of servers and over the years as the service becomes more successful it is scaled cost effectively to a larger installation.

Joisto - multi-tenant architecture for document delivery platform.

Security and Compliancy


Joisto has a flexible authentication system. We have ready-made authentications for Active Directory, Database Authentication, LDAP, SAML, HTTPS/Basic Authentication and Digest Authentication.

In addition to these "out of the box" authentication methods, we have created several custom authentication integrations.

Audit Trail

All user actions are tracked and stored for security and regulation compliancy. Permissions may be granted for end users to view these audit records. Audit records may be viewed per document or per user.

PCI Compliancy

Joisto can be configured to meet the most demanding regulations. Our comprehensive authentication, authorization and auditing features allow very high security environments.

Trusted Timestamping

Proof of archive integrity may be critical for our customers. In combination with audit trails and Trusted Timestamping these requirements may be met. Joisto supports RFC-3161 compatible external timestamp authorities.

Joisto - Security

Scalability and Multitenancy

Joisto - Scalability


Joisto is a multitenancy software. This means that single Joisto installations can handle many customers. Each customer has its own security container which the user is contained within. Multi-tenancy brings cost savings as less servers are needed and maintenance of the system is straightforward.

One of the challenges for multi-tenant software is application customization. Joisto handles this with a flexible customization layer; single installation may look and feel different for each individual Joisto customer.

Clustering and Scalability

Joisto's clustering brings the ability to handle vast amounts of users concurrently and enables our customers to provide high availability services with strict SLAs. As the web-layer of Joisto may be scaled horizontally the cost of scaling is kept to minimum. All layers of Joisto's stack are scalable.

Joisto can be scaled from small inhouse installations to worldwide multi datacenter installations.


Restful Web Services API

Joisto has a modern RESTful Web Services API for the system. All the information held in the system is available via a web user interface through the API.

The API makes it possible to perform queries, retrieve documents and browse archives

Our API supports JSON and XML data types. All data may be retrieved in any of these formats.

An API user may authenticate by using HTTP Basic Authentication and HTTP Digest Authentication. Form login, SAML authentication and OAuth are also supported.


Joisto - API

Intuitive User Interface

Joisto - User interface

Simple to Use

Joisto's user interface is simple yet powerful. For standard usage there is no need to spend hours training the users as the interface is designed to be self-explanatory. Searching and viewing documents has been made extremely simple


As simple as the system is to use, it is nevertheless powerful. Each Joisto customer may customize its user interface and select the metadata fields that matter most them and their customers. Granular access control allows system administrators to configure each user's interface so that it does not include any unnecessary interface elements.

Administrators may also customize default queries and a user’s search and access permissions.



And More

Fulltext and Metadata indexing

Documents can be indexed using the full content (unstructured data) or with specific metadata fields (structured data). Joisto provides intuitive interfaces for both.

Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) provides an efficient way of managing access control. It also enables straightforward integration with external authentication mechanisms, for example Active Directory.

Compressed Storage of Documents

For efficient usage of storage space, the documents may be compressed using standard compression methods.


Joisto has been localized for 8 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Additional localisations may be provided on request.




Messaging System

Messages may be presented to users, informing them of new features and important information during login.

Comprehensive Metadata Model

Wide ranges of data types may be used to define the metadata structure of the documents. These include standard text, numbers, money and more sophisticated types like pick lists.

Statistics Dashboard

The dashboard offers a quick snapshot about the usage of the system.

Archive Snapshot

Snapshots of a full archive or just a section of it may be created. The creation of these snapshots may be automated or they can be created manually by an end user.