Financial Platform

Financial Platform

What if you offered your clients the possibility of using crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the financing method of the future, which is now also entering the professional financial markets. The Joisto crowdfunding platform offers you a safe and ready-to-use solution, which allows you to serve your clients an even wider range of products.

  • Equity investments
  • Peer-to-peer loans
  • Crowd sponsoring

With crowdfunding, those seeking funding will have a new alternative method to source funding, even without real security. This online and mobile friendly service offers a fast and professional way to seek better remuneration for investor capital.

The product is white label and can thus be rebranded to look like your proprietary service. There are no license or installation fees for the platform. Pricing is based on the actual turnover of the crowdfunding campaigns. 


The Joisto crowdfunding platform is a ready-to-use cloud service, which was developed as a continuation of an established documentation system. The Joisto electronic documentation system is the market leader in B2B electronic invoice delivery in Finland. Our services are implemented using the latest software standards and the newest development methods in the industry.

User roles

Different service users have roles based on their login identities.

An Anonymous user can only access general information regarding a crowdfunding campaign.

LinkedIn or Facebook authentication gives access to detailed information regarding the contents of the campaign, but does not allow transfers or investments. The creator of the campaign can contact logged-in users, should they wish to do so.

An Investor logs in using banking access codes, and is thus also able to make investments. Money transfers use an escrow account. A share issue based on existing shares is registered in the Euroclear book entry system, which means the investment is publicly registered and is also visible on the investor’s own securities account.

An Asset Manager (a representative of the investment company) has the right to invest money in in campaigns on behalf of other individuals or companies.

A Company representative is the main user of the investee. The representative launches the crowdfunding campaign and can for instance upload documents intended for investors into the system. The company representative can also share user rights with other company representatives, such as the auditor.

A Company Auditor can sign documents electronically, allowing their authenticity to be verified, which increases investor confidence.

Financial Platform


 Legally secure > Existing legislation has been taken into account in the development of the service, and there are no uncertainties related to using it.

High level of information security > The system is strongly protected against external attacks. It has been developed in accordance with the PCI standard, which is the official standard accepted by all the credit card companies.  

Immutability of information > All the information linked to a crowdfunding campaign is stored and locked down in a manner which allows its immutability to be verified also in the future, for instance for the tax authorities.

The traditional crowdfunding models have not offered reliable solutions for professional investors. The Joisto crowdfunding platform offers a completely new alternative to the traditional financial markets.

  • All events and transactions are electronically stored so that their integrity can be verified.
  • The investor and the investee are secure that everything has been handled legally.



Integrated in your own brand

No installation or licensing fees

Sensible pricing