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e-Invoicing and e-Archiving!

e-Invoicing solutions typically require that the invoices are visualized in some repository, that can be accessed securely by invoice recipients. Joisto is a perfect solution for that. It allows that the same archive can be used by the help desk of the invoicing company and it will as well fulfill the legal requirements for the accounting […]

Money making machine

EXCEPTION RATE ALMOST ZERO COMPARED TO PHYSICAL MAILING PROCESS Service centers can increase their  profit and deepen their relationship with their customers by adding digital archiving as a part of their service concept. They can do this  with fully automated digital processing, exception rate almost zero compared to physical mailing process. All this without big capital investment […]

Green It and Electronic Archiving!

Electronic archiving and delivery saves natures resources for the future.  We have long experience of how this can be done easily. Instead of sending paper documents you just put them in your electronic archive and let the recipients read them from there. No need to carry paper with trucks or aircraft from one point to […]