Document Output Solutions and Joisto working together!

We are delighted to announce that we are working in a renewed partnership with Document Output Solutions UK Limited

Document Output Solutions (DOS) provide intelligent document composition, consolidation and delivery management software that’s easy to deploy, use and manage. 

DOS have over 400 clients across Europe and many more across the globe who use their solutions to create high quality, improved, data driven documents from existing back office systems and databases that are automatically delivered to a range of channels such as internal or external traditional print, both push and pull e-delivery systems and other internal or external systems. 

DOS’s ‘any in, any out workflow’ philosophy means that various input formats can be handled and automated easily throughout workflows processes and outputs can extend to an extremely wide variety of channel from traditional print, email, web portal and other systems through to SMS, interactive desktop pdf, EDI (pdf with XML data) and for consumption on devices like smartphones and tablets to further streamline document workflow processes. 

As an example, data from all your back office systems and databases can be used to automatically create high quality documents that are automatically delivered to a range of channels, one of which can be Joistos digital archiving solutions so that a complete document repository is maintained and further workflow actions triggered.

 DOS solutions are used to solve a huge amount of problems in outgoing document processes.  If your existing documents are unclear, uncontrolled or missing important information, if they are difficult or expensive to create, change or produce, if they are not consolidated, not print ready or not compatible with other systems or process or if they are difficult to automatically deliver through multiple channels then DOS solutions can help.

DOS solutions also provide a range of value add features to allow you to improve your documents, whether that’s simply adding high quality logo’s and graphics to support or strengthen branding, adding additional relevant advisory or promotional content, adding features like payment barcodes on invoices or barcodes on documents due to be returned to you for automatic recognition or interactive components to enable additional data capture on electronic documents you send out. 

DOS solutions solve a huge amount of document related problems, save a huge amount of time and money, enable electronic delivery and automate your document workflows.

If you think these solutions may be beneficial for your organisation, please let us know.

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