About Us

Joisto Oy is a leading document delivery platform provider for European Customer Communication Management (CCM) service centers. CCM service centers provide omni-channel communication services to other organizations.

Joisto has a footprint in 15 European countries. Thousands of organizations are using the solution through their CCM partners’ solutions. There are more than 3 billion pdf-images archived in the system. Our end-customer call centers, financial and sales departments are using our platform to get access to their documents on daily basis.

The head office is in Vantaa, Finland, with a sales office in London, UK.

Joisto has a mission to support CCM service centers and SaaS providers to serve their customers’ with state-of-the art digital archiving and document management solutions. Large companies with in-house document management strategies can also enhance efficiencies and customer experience by using Joisto.

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